Lions News · Coach Mance Letter to Loris Community

I am honored to be the head football coach at Loris High School. I was very impressed with the students and players when I visited the high school. My goal has always been to develop my football players into young men with character and integrity. Emphasis will be placed on respect, attitude, and sportsmanship. We will create an atmosphere where athletes are afforded the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually in a safe environment. Every athlete in our program will be treated with respect and dignity as we strive to reach our full potential.

Our program will challenge and motivate each student-athlete with high expectations for success in the classroom and on the field. The coaching staff and I will work diligently providing leadership and guidance for our players. We must create a family atmosphere where the players have fun and play with passion and pride.

The building blocks for success are in place at Loris. We have a great administrative staff, faculty, and supportive community. Our players and assistant coaches are hungry and eager, and I cannot wait to get started. Please stay safe. Go Lions!

Coach Mance